Dirty Girl PA Mud Run Recap

Since we had so much fun at Mudderella last year, our team decided to register for another mud run this year.  The Dirty Girl Mud Run series was running an “Early Girly” special for $35, so we pounced on it! The obstacles looked pretty comparable to Mudderella so we knew we could handle them.


I didn’t have time to sew up shirts this year, so I bought these ruched tanks from Old Navy and made the iron-ons of our logo with my Silhouette.  I did manage to make us the headbands (based on my favorite JUNK headband) which were great for keeping mud out of our hair and spotting each other on the course.  These perfect neon camo pants were a Walmart find and they totally made the outfit.


We stopped by the Paul Mitchell tent for free hair braiding:


And then we were ready to go get dirty!


A shot of our names on the back:


The run started off with a huge slip-n-slide (the photographers didn’t get us at every obstacle, so some of these pics aren’t of us… like this one!):
slip n slide

I hadn’t been on a slip-n-slide in YEARS and found it hilarious:

Then we went into the woods and went through several “unofficial” obstacles like rocky terrain, creeks, waist-high water pits:

try not to get a leech on you

And thick, shoe-trapping mud:

shoe eater

Then we ran out of the woods and got to do some of the official obstacles like the Barn Burner:


You have to climb up this huge bouncy house pyramid and then bounce down on your butt.  I had some #shortgirlproblems with this one because my legs were a teeny bit shorter than the steps, but I was able to pull myself up there eventually.


Then we went through the Utopian Tubes where Aimee ran into some #tallgirlproblems because her legs were too long to be able to crawl through the smaller tubes (the ones on the left side of the picture). She ended up having to belly crawl through the whole thing.  So if you’re tall, pick the bigger tubes!

utopian tubes
After that, you jump over the fire pit, AKA Hot Mess:

hot mess

H2OMG was next but it was missing the water for some reason and was just a bunch of big balls:


Then we went over to Down and Dirty where you have to crawl through a mud pit under some DG caution tape.  The teams before us had obliterated the caution tape, though, so we crawled over it.  This one gets you nice and muddy by the end:


Especially if a random lady grabs onto you because she’s falling and pulls you down with her (true story!):


Then you run around to Amaze Yourself/Slidin’ Dirty.  Amaze Yourself is like CSI bullet trajectory wire that you have to climb over and through:

amaze yourself

And then you climb up and over a cargo net:

slidin dirty

And then slide down the fire pole for Slidin’ Dirty:


Grabbing the fire pole was the hardest part because it’s leaning over a hole 10 feet above the ground, but then it’s wheeeee down to the bottom:


After that, we found the water that H2OMG must have been missing and got to wade through the FREEZING cold water for a quick bath. The line for this was insane considering how fast we ran through it.  I think they needed more ladders to get more people through at once:

ice bath

The next one was another hard one for short girls because you had to dive through these holes and then crawl on your tummy to the next hole.  I got a running start for the first one, but it was hard to get through the next few because there was no room to get a running start. So I had to just jump through them.  I also lost my bib (as did lots of people) and had to go back and get it so I could get my bag from bag check later.

bib ripper

Then we ran back into the woods up a huge hill and then had to hike back down it.  We clearly enjoyed this one based on all the lemon faces:race_1137_photo_16862015

And since we couldn’t end a mud run this clean they had us run through one last Dirty Dancing pit (I think there were 3 of these throughout the course):


And just like that, we were done!


Of course we had to compare Mudderella vs. Dirty Girl now that we’ve done both, and if you’re going for mud, Dirty Girl is the winner.  Mudderella had harder obstacles and a longer course (5 miles vs. 5 kilometers), so that’s the winner if you’re going for a bit more of a challenge. None of us thought either one was particularly difficult, though.  The one thing we LOVED about Dirty Girl over Mudderella was the medals!  Mudderella gives you a sweet headband at the end, but a medal really makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something.   And for SWAG, Dirty Girl wins by a mile.  We got free hair braiding, a shirt, a necklace, hair product samples, a drawstring backpack, and our medals.  But Mudderella did give us a free beer at the end, so that beats the $4 we had to pay for a Keystone Light at the end of Dirty Girl.  Whatever one you choose, just get out there and do one!  They are ridiculously fun and make a great girls’ weekend.


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