DIY Yankees Shirt

The cats got my hubby 2 Yankees tickets for Fathers’ Day and luckily he invited me to come along.  If you’ve ever looked for cute Yankees shirts before, you will notice they are either ugly and cheap OR cute and expensive.  Well, I prefer cute AND cheap, so I decided to make something with my new Silhouette Cameo machine.

Step 1: Gather your supplies:

 1. A cute t-shirt. This is a LOGG tee from H&M

2. Cricut or Silhouette Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl and weeding tool. I bought Cricut’s vinyl because the reviews were better on Amazon

3. Funny/cute/true Yankees-related saying


For my Silhouette, I used the Impact font at size 100 and added a little extra spacing between the letters.  I found a heart and a Yankees logo on Google Images, and used the trace tool to trace around them with the help of this tutorial.  (The cut settings for the glitter vinyl are Blade = 3, Speed = 5, Thickness = 12, and check the Double Cut check box. And I was too chicken to try cutting it without the mat, so those settings were successful with the cutting mat).  After I cut it out, I weeded out the middle of the b’s and r’s and almost forgot to weed out the NY from the heart.  Thank God I remembered before I ironed it!

Yankee Silhouette

Step 2: Lint roll and iron your tee.  I used a bamboo cutting board so I’d have a nice flat surface.


Step 3: Line up your heat transfer on your shirt. You can just eyeball it; the ruler is for crazy perfectionists only.wpid-20140619_222411.jpg

Step 4: Place a scrap of fabric on top of the plastic and iron for 30 seconds.  Turn it over and iron from the back side for 30 more seconds then wait for it to cool (getting it away from the cutting board speeds this up a bit).wpid-20140619_222710.jpg

Step 5: Wear it to the game and look super cute!
Brett Gardner Shirt


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