2014 Hershey Half Marathon Recap

Since we had so much fun at the Hershey Half Marathon last year, we decided to make it a tradition and come back for round 2.   Once again, they hooked the runners up with 2 tickets to Hersheypark in our race packets, so we got there right around noon when the park opened.  Last year we noticed tons of kids in their Halloween costumes and discovered that there’s a few places in and around the park to trick-or-treat for kids 12 and under.  Aimee’s kids were all over that, so I hooked them up with their homemade costumes a little early.  This was my view for most of the day, which made me grin uncontrollably:


After all the park fun and the best S’more of my life, we went to bed to get ready for our 5:15 wake up call.  Then it was time to become total Bettys because our running costumes were Cher and Dionne from Clueless! As if!Cher Dionne Clueless Running Costumes

We had to haul ass to the Ladies’ for a pit stop before the race so we had about 4 seconds to take these pictures. The line wasn’t bad, but the race had already started by the time we got inside the runners’ corral area. Whatever!


But we made it to the start line 3 minutes later and got down to business running in our most responsible looking ensembles.  Cher Dionne waving

Whoa, that camera guy came out of nowhere!  We got comments on our costumes almost the entire time we were out there. People would yell out quotes or sing Fancy to us constantly.  We saw my hubby cheering a few times and he was yelling WHATEVER! every time we saw him.  In this picture, someone had asked Aimee if we were supposed to be in Kentucky Derby costumes and she says, “No, Clueless!”, which sent them into absolute hysterics of jumping and screaming.

Cher Dionne Clueless 1

Plus all the kids at the Milton Hershey School were out on the streets cheering and thanking the runners, but when they saw us coming, they would FREAK OUT screaming and cheering for “Iggy”.  We high-fived all of them and then made our way back to Hersheypark for the final stretch.  
Cher Dionne Clueless Running CostumesI decided before the race that Hershey was not the place for me to try for a PR because of all the hills, so we just had fun and chatted with each other and the other runners the whole race.  But when we saw that the clock at the 12 Mile mark said 2:08, we had to book it to give it a shot.  We saw our families, totally paused for a quick hug, and then we were off to make a cameo at the finish line!  
Cher Dionne Clueless Finish Line 3

Cher Dionne Clueless Finish Line 2

I missed a PR by 25 seconds, but maybe 2:14:57 is just a jumping off point to start negotiations!  Carpe diem, though; I was thrilled with that time, especially since I wasn’t even trying to come near a PR.  Cher Dionne Clueless running costumes

Cher Dionne Clueless running costumes 2

 Aimee’s Dionne’s hat was a celebrity in itself.  When people weren’t cheering for us, they were yelling, “Nice hat!” or “I need that hat!”, etc.  We determined that the hat is going to need its own Twitter handle.  Should we call it @shoppingwithDrSeuss?

clueless dionne hat

The goodie bag after the race at Hershey is probably the best I’ve ever had.  No matter what you’re craving, odds are it’s in there.  My heart was totally bursting when I saw the fresh-baked giant oatmeal cookie.  And since I had just run 13 miles, I didn’t feel like such a heifer eating it.

Hershey Half Marathon snack bagLast year the medal was a Twizzlers character, which was a major bummer.  I expected a Kiss or a Hershey bar at the very least, but a stinkin Twizzler?  I was totally buggin!  Well, this year they totally redeemed themselves because I am way majorly butt-crazy in love with this new medal.

Hershey Half Marathon Medal 2014Even though the hills are way harsh and they desperately need another water stop around mile 10 or 11, we can’t wait to do it again next year.  The weather is usually great (around 45* plus a little wind this time) and the foliage is gorgeous this time of year.  We’ll have to think of some fun costumes for next time since these were such a hit.  Alright, I’m outtie!



  1. Sharon says:

    I am in love with your Dionne hat! I’m doing research for a Halloween costume, and yours is the best hat I’ve seen. How did you make it?

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